Langham Dome Trainer, RAF Langham, Norfolk


Lottery funded

The Dome is holding a aircraft model-making competition- email or phone (07789 636106) Kate Faire for full details. Competition deadline is 30th May.

RAF Langham Book

RAF Langham Book

FoLD have updated Len Bartram's original book on RAF Langham 1940-1958 with additional research and new photographs.

Our Events page has information on where to buy the book.

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The Training Dome at Langham is the youngest Ancient Monument in Britain! Further information on the dome and Langham airfield can be found at:-


- English Heritage Listing
- BBC Norfolk visits the Dome
- Airfield Informaton Exchange
- RAF Langham Wiki
- Portsmouth's Training Dome

Welcome to The Friends of Langham Dome

The primary aim of The Friends of Langham Dome is to assist the owners of the Dome, The North Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust, to restore the building and incorporate an interpretation of one of its wartime uses as a simulator for anti-aircraft gunnery training. We also intend that the building will provide future generations with a museum of the history of the airfield and its role in World War II. And, not least, we hope it will serve as a memorial to the bravery of those who flew from Langham - particularly those who did not return.

The Langham Dome sits on the edge of the former Langham RAF base where during the 1939-45 war service men and women from the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand were stationed.

The Langham Dome project is forging ahead and work on the external structure is almost complete.

Once restored the Dome will be managed by the Friends and be open to the public telling the story of the Dome and also the important contribution made by Langham and other East Anglian airfields to the defence of the country during World War II. Design and interpretation consultants, Ugly Studios, are pressing ahead with innovative plans for the interior displays.

The future of the Dome Secured

Inside the restored Langham Dome

In March we were delighted to announce that the application to the Heritage Lottery Fund had been successful and the long term future of the Dome was secure!

Since then the owners of the Dome, The North Norfolk Historic Buildings Trust and Friends of Langham Dome have finalised the requirements and appointed suitable specialists who are proceeding with the restoration work. Further details on the work can be seen here.

Langham Dome Calls Aircraft Model-Makers to Scramble

The Langham Dome is calling for entries to its aircraft model-making competition. Winners’ aircraft will take pride of place in the Dome’s stunning new exhibition space, opening later this year.

The Langham Dome project is steaming ahead. But we need some further help! And it’s not money. It’s skill. We need static 1/48 scale model aircraft of some of the types that flew from Langham to be part of our exhibition.

The first model we need is the Beaufighter - the doughty two-engined aircraft manufactured by Bristol that played a hugely successful role in anti-shipping operations. Also needed is the Barnes Wallis designed Wellington. And for those fascinated by slightly later technology, we’re also after the early jet-engined Vampire, manufactured by de Havilland.

Models of these aircraft will help visitors to the Dome appreciate the significant part they and their crews played during and after World War II.

Full details about the competition, including rules and specifications are available by emailing emailing Kate Faire or phoning 07789 636106. The competition deadline is 30th May. Winners in each category will have their credited model aircraft on permanent display in the Langham Dome.

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